The precious metal overlay project for fountain pen

We are proud to introduce our design of tailor made overlay for fountain pen.


Our first project is on the TWSBI 580 Diamond, which comes with a fantastic multi reflect surface, piston filling demonstrator with very high reputation all over the world. It is an excellent writer. That’s why we choose to start with this pen, also 580’s body matches our 925 silver overlay design greatly and it comes with a reasonable price that we think it can be made popular.

Original TWSBI Diamond 580

Aforesaid  the overlay is made of 925 sterling silver it is very easy to oxidise in a normal environment so we have made a coating on it for anti-rust and keep the shiny surface at the same time.  You do not have to clean it up frequently or worry about the rust on the silver cause by human oil and sweat from our hand. It means that you can use it as a daily writer.

standard_pose_blackThe Garden in Black

We have the first series named “The Garden”. It comes in 3 different colors (Original Silver, Rose Gold and Black Silver) and limited to 10 pieces per color. The overlays are in flourish filigree design and fixed on the barrel of the pen. It made of accurate measurement, fixed and fit the barrel. Functions on the 580 diamond remain workable including disassemble of the hold pen. You can do whatever it can as if original.

3 colors available

Hope everybody will enjoy The Garden and like it as we do.

Thank you very much!

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