Update of LionPanther Apr 2019

Haven’t update the blog for so long. However we haven’t stop from making new writing instrument. New manual lathe came and more style can be made.

We have joined the “Tap Siac Craft Market” host by Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macau on behalf of Hong Kong between 3-5 May 2019. Tap Siac Craft Market our first step to go public for our craftmanship. It was a great honor that the BGCA (小童群益會- 想匠)had choose us from many applicants,  also a big thanks to Macau Government especially the Cultural Affairs Bureau for the sponser and support .  Macau is such a great place which reserved historical buildings and precious of craftmanship. There were so many senior craftmans and willing to share their information and knowledge.
Lastly,  thank you to all our lovely customers. Your supports is the most important part that you have provide a reason for us to keep going on Pen crafting.
There is lack of word can tell how grateful we are.

The LionPanther is going to join more and more event in the region.
15-16 Jun 2019 (D2 Place/香港掂檔市集) (under application)
23 June 2019 “給我一點。” 香港原創誌交流展x香港紙膠帶市集MTO Hong Kong (Confirmed)
4-5 Aug 2019 Hong Kong Handcraft and Design Exhibition (under application)
19-20 Oct 2019 Tainan Pen Show 2019, Tainan City (Taiwan) (Confirmed)

See you there.


After an undesirable long period of pause. We have now resumed to produce. Hope that we don’t have to stop anymore. Crafting is where our passion live! New inks are still under test which need time. Pens are now showing below.

Purple Rock

Silver Pearl

Golden Totem

Silver Bee

Royal Orchid

The Old Knots

More detail will come soon. Hope you will like them.
Thank you!



Deep Sea, Ebonite magnetic cap fountain pen.

Right after the period of Chinese new year, a new fountain pen with a new material has been finished.
Fountain pen with magnetic cap and ebonite barrel in blue color – Deep Sea.

We have chose ebonite from Japan which is considered one of the best quality ebonite in the world. Japanese ebonite have a solid texture, natural contrast in color and have a high purity when cheap ebonite always have some metal dust inside. Those unwanted metal pieces will constitute unexpected / uncontrollable metallic shiny points affecting the outcome and outlook of the finished product.

Working on ebonite will need a sharp knife/gouge and always needed to be sharpened in the gouging process. And they are quite smelly when it get heat and powderized.

Why use ebonite on fountain pen?

Ebonite is a material can be found in the natural world, more common be called as “hard rubber”. More technical detail may be found on wiki.
Ebonite can absorb oil and sweat from human hand and balance them between pen and hand. This process can avoid slip of pen and increase friction between pen and hand. It provide better handle when writing for a long time.

The price of raw material of Japanese ebonite is 5-8 times of same quantity of acrylic or polyester resin. It is a real luxury material to use in comparison.

This ebonite barrel has been polished for 12 times on each side (barrel and cap) and non-waxed. Ebonite normally can’t give shiny surface like acrylic and polyester resin unless coat with wax. However if it is waxed, which may prevent the natural function of ebonite as aforesaid. So we left it unwaxed. If you love shiny surface on ebonite, you may coat it simply with wax for car and keep polish it once a year if it have been used frequently.

Let’s check out some photos.


The barrel on the lathe. This is a 550W manual wood lathe and which should be enough for most work for fountain except metal parts.

Gouging in process, slow and easy.
Ebonite pattern and color. We picked deep blue for this time.

Lower contrast provide a low profile but luxury feeling.

Finish with 8 level sanding and 12 times polishing. (Face side)

The back side.
Ebonite can provide some degree of shiny surface after polishing.
This is the pattern on the cap side.

Standard pose for fountain pen.

Uncapped pose

There are magnets on both sides of pen body.

We have attached a two tone German Bock F nib on the Deep Sea instead of an IPG nib.

Other than deep blue there are also yellow-green ebonite available.
Custom order welcome.

Thank for reading.
Please feel free to ask any question. Comment welcome.

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Hexagon magnetic cap patterned dyed wood fountain pen.

Handcraft fountain pen.
Hexagon metal cap and end.
Barrel made of dyed wood from India.
The dyed wood comes with very interesting color and pattern.
Matte finish with sanding and wood treatment oil no polishing intend to keep the raw feeling.  Metal parts are in matte finish too.

Magnetic cap can be placed on both side.
Original Germany made IPG nib.
Optional upgrade of German Bock nib available.


Magnetic cap

Hexagon end

Standard pose


Different material and color of polyester resin, ebonite, acrylic and wood are available for the barrel.

Length:  144mm
Weight: 47g (capped), 30g (uncapped)
Customized order welcome.

Thank you!

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Handcraft Fountain Pen

We are happy to introduce our 2017 first project of handcraft fountain pen.

This pen is quite heavy at 65g in total and 31g uncapped as it made of many metal pen parts. The length is 14.8cm capped 11.2cm uncapped, 16.2cm end capped.

The barrel and the cap in picture are made of acrylic which is a durable, easy-to-maintain material. They are highly polished and have a smooth and shiny finish.
They can be customized on demand. There are several variation available now, include custom made polyester resin, patterned acrylic, wood and ebonite (Blue, yellow-green). Tell us what you want and we will do our best to match with your desire.

The nib is genuine German made Iridium Point German (IPG) nib originally, smooth, durable and well tuned. It will be very much suitable for daily use. For nib lover we offer an upgrade of the nib with Bock (Germany) nib for this pen. If you are a calligrapher, an upgrade of flex nib also available for you too.

Standard international converter (small size) and a cartridge included.

It comes with magnetic cap and it can be capped easy and quick on both sides . Let’s check some photos.

The outlook of the pen.

Celtic knot pattern on the metal pen parts

The standard pose can’t be missed.

The green stone on the top of the cap

Gold, brown ,Cream & Copper Marble with golden shimmers, marble like barrel

(There many variation of material, color and pattern available for you. Just tell us.)

The magnetic end allows you to cap on when using.

Magnetic cap and Celtic knot

This probably the first handcraft pen project in Hong Kong. We hope that the culture of handwriting, the charisma of writing instrument (not only pen and ink) will not be flush out by the digital world. Record and communication in the digital way is really convenience (even this blog is in a digital form sorry for that) , however it is dull and cold in some sense.

We think that handcraft writing instrument is an interesting and warm way to pass message to everyone and this is what we desire.

Customize will need discussion and communication for the design of the pen. These are what we love. Also that will be great to have idea from different people. Please come and tell us what you think.

Hope you will like it. Thank you.

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Consequence of not paying 100% caution on your power tools.

Crafting some pens recently for new product line for LionPanther. Accidents always happen when you not paying 100% caution on the power tools when turning. So, here for everyone love making thing (not only pens) with tools I really recommended that you should have give all attention, as much as possible of precautions when working with power tools.

The good this is, the wound was not really serious but it brought me an extra attention on the safety of work, thanks ar por. Although I have already put on short sleeves, mask, goggles etc. However there will be never enough. Extreme attention will be needed.

Here are something worked out before the accident.

Ball pen with Cherry wood barrel

Ball pen with cocobolo barrel

Ball pen with colorful polyester resin barrel

Hope that I can return to work soon. 🙁

Fully LP Geared TWSBI Diamond 580 [The Grand Garden]

The full silver overlay by us has just tested and released.
To fit the clip on the cap in accordance to the silver overlay and not affecting its function and outlooking is really challenging. We spent time to test and fit repeatedly and we did it and have satisfied ourselves. We hope that the owner in the future of this pen will also be satisfied. We did put great effort and made it with our heart.

Same as last time, all parts have embedded onto the body of the pen and not detachable (it maybe fine for a slight move on the barrel part). The TWSBI Diamond 580 in the core remain fully functioned, no problem with piston filling system and writing for sure. It remains smooth and efficient. The full overlay has largely change the original 580 on the outlook, made it grand, elegant and even more attractive. You will never regret to have this piece in your hand.

The Grand Garden was designed, produced in Hong Kong.
It crafted by experienced local jewel craftsman who have worked within this industry for over 30 years. Stone and precious metal are the professions of him. We are so grant and thankful that we can have such a great “Si-Fu”(Meaning “master” in Cantonese) as our partner.

It will go online for sell very soon. Please check the photos and our store link as follow: http://lionpanther.com/?post_type=product

Thank you for support from everywhere. Hope you will like it.

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16 Dec 2016

New Hand Made Ink for Fountain Pen by Lion Panther

Ink for Fountain pen made by Lion Panther


We have started another project of fountain pen ink.

The targets for this inks are quick drying, smooth and colorful which suitable for daily use.

Test after another, the final product ultimately reach its decided destination. It dries on paper in within 5 seconds, smooth like butter on the nib, color with shading and most importantly it can be use on low cost paper with their best performance.

Inks are 100% fountain pen friendly, good flow, close to neutral pH value(around 7-7.5), not easy to evaporate on the nib.

Hand made in Hong Kong.

Here are 4 colors available now named as Shadow, Orchid, Baby Pink and Scarecrow.

Scarecrow, suggested to use M or broader nib to give its best performance.


Orchid, real close to color of real orchid, it create trim effect on the edge.
Shadow, dark color and provide a high degree of water-resistance, quick dry for your safety of documents.


Cute color, very light but real visible even with a F nib. Similar color in the market can’t be applied in a regular daily use. Baby pink allows you to use it anywhere daily.

There are now available in our store. Please check the shop link.