New Hand Made Ink for Fountain Pen by Lion Panther

Ink for Fountain pen made by Lion Panther


We have started another project of fountain pen ink.

The targets for this inks are quick drying, smooth and colorful which suitable for daily use.

Test after another, the final product ultimately reach its decided destination. It dries on paper in within 5 seconds, smooth like butter on the nib, color with shading and most importantly it can be use on low cost paper with their best performance.

Inks are 100% fountain pen friendly, good flow, close to neutral pH value(around 7-7.5), not easy to evaporate on the nib.

Hand made in Hong Kong.

Here are 4 colors available now named as Shadow, Orchid, Baby Pink and Scarecrow.

Scarecrow, suggested to use M or broader nib to give its best performance.


Orchid, real close to color of real orchid, it create trim effect on the edge.
Shadow, dark color and provide a high degree of water-resistance, quick dry for your safety of documents.


Cute color, very light but real visible even with a F nib. Similar color in the market can’t be applied in a regular daily use. Baby pink allows you to use it anywhere daily.

There are now available in our store. Please check the shop link.

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