Fully LP Geared TWSBI Diamond 580 [The Grand Garden]

The full silver overlay by us has just tested and released.
To fit the clip on the cap in accordance to the silver overlay and not affecting its function and outlooking is really challenging. We spent time to test and fit repeatedly and we did it and have satisfied ourselves. We hope that the owner in the future of this pen will also be satisfied. We did put great effort and made it with our heart.

Same as last time, all parts have embedded onto the body of the pen and not detachable (it maybe fine for a slight move on the barrel part). The TWSBI Diamond 580 in the core remain fully functioned, no problem with piston filling system and writing for sure. It remains smooth and efficient. The full overlay has largely change the original 580 on the outlook, made it grand, elegant and even more attractive. You will never regret to have this piece in your hand.

The Grand Garden was designed, produced in Hong Kong.
It crafted by experienced local jewel craftsman who have worked within this industry for over 30 years. Stone and precious metal are the professions of him. We are so grant and thankful that we can have such a great “Si-Fu”(Meaning “master” in Cantonese) as our partner.

It will go online for sell very soon. Please check the photos and our store link as follow: http://lionpanther.com/?post_type=product

Thank you for support from everywhere. Hope you will like it.

Product link

16 Dec 2016