Consequence of not paying 100% caution on your power tools.

Crafting some pens recently for new product line for LionPanther. Accidents always happen when you not paying 100% caution on the power tools when turning. So, here for everyone love making thing (not only pens) with tools I really recommended that you should have give all attention, as much as possible of precautions when working with power tools.

The good this is, the wound was not really serious but it brought me an extra attention on the safety of work, thanks ar por. Although I have already put on short sleeves, mask, goggles etc. However there will be never enough. Extreme attention will be needed.

Here are something worked out before the accident.

Ball pen with Cherry wood barrel

Ball pen with cocobolo barrel

Ball pen with colorful polyester resin barrel

Hope that I can return to work soon. 🙁